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Hippo Essentials Project Setup

To jump-start new Hippo CMS implementation projects as well as to ease the learning curve for fresh Hippo CMS developers, BloomReach provides the Essentials setup application.

The Getting Started tutorial explains how to use it to start developing your own Hippo CMS project.

What is the Essentials setup application?

The Essentials setup application consists of a setup and configuration Dashboard web application (abbr. Dashboard) and a set of plugins which represent project features or development tools. The Dashboard is intended to run on the development host. It guides the Hippo CMS Developer through the most common steps necessary to build a Hippo CMS project, reducing the need to have in-depth Hippo CMS knowledge, and providing help and documentation along the way.


Who should use the Essentials setup application?

We believe that every Hippo CMS developer should use Essentials when setting up a new project. The Essentials setup application is supposed to help novice Hippo CMS developers to get a new project going the right way. At the same time, it implements Hippo CMS best practices and helps saving time, from which every Hippo CMS developer can benefit.

When can I get it?


Where can I get it?

The Essentials setup application is a publicly available open source tool. It is included in the Hippo CMS project archetype, which is the recommended way to start a new Hippo CMS project.