Hippo CMS and BloomReach Experience 12 System Requirements - Enterprise Java Content management system - Hippo CMS

Hippo CMS and BloomReach Experience 12 System Requirements

This document describes the generic system requirements for BloomReach Experience and Hippo CMS to provide a guideline for infrastructure decisions.

In all cases, BloomReach only supports system components that are actively and regularly supported by the respective vendors.

Hardware Recommendations

BloomReach recommends a minimum of two cluster nodes in any production environment for backend and frontend servers as depicted in the graphic below. BloomReach does not differentiate hardware recommendations between backend or frontend servers.


BloomReach Experience products utilize a shared database server, therefore BloomReach advises to consult your DBA as hardware recommendations are largely depending on which database server is in place.

Furthermore, disk space requirements are directly related to content stored in BloomReach Experience and Hippo CMS and the capacity needed for frontend servers is depending on the complexity of the website implementation and generated traffic.

Server – per cluster node



4 cores


4 GB

Disk Space

25 GB

For further information on the BloomReach Experience architecture as well as horizontal scaling to accommodate high-load environments, please refer to the BloomReach Experience technical whitepaper “High Performance Content Delivery” which can be downloaded from our website bloomreach.com. A sizing and dimensioning guide for On Premise installations can be provided by your account manager.

The BloomReach Experience Relevance module requires additional nodes for Elasticsearch. BloomReach advises to run a clustered Elasticsearch setup.

Server Software Prerequisites

Hippo CMS Stack

Community Edition Stack


Oracle JVM 8

Operating System

Ubuntu Server 16.04

Application Server

Tomcat 8.5

Database Servers

MySQL 5.7

BloomReach Experience Stack

BloomReach Experience supports several different stacks, i.e. combinations of operating system, database, and application server. To provide flexibility, we do offer additional ‘’Extended stack" options (listed below) if your environment differs from the Standard stack. Please contact the BloomReach Quality Assurance Team for advice to ensure that the individual combination of software versions employed is both eligible for BloomReach support and also facilitates best possible performance/stability.

BloomReach Experience Stack - Standard


Oracle JVM 8

Operating System

Ubuntu Server 16.04 (preferred) or RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.3

Application Server

Tomcat 8.5

Database Servers

MySQL 5.7

Relevance module requirement

Elasticsearch 5.5

BloomReach Experience Stack - Extended


Oracle JVM 8

Operating Systems1

Ubuntu Server 14.04, 16.04

RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6, 7.3, or corresponding CentOS versions

Debian Wheezy (7) and Jessie (8)

Windows Server 2008 R22, 2012, 2012 R2

Application Servers

Tomcat 8.0, 8.5 (preferred)

CMS Database Servers

MySQL 5.6 (until EOL Feb 2018), 5.7

Amazon RDS (using MySQL 5.7 or Oracle RDS 12c)

Oracle 12

MS SQL Server 2016

PostgreSQL 9 (Please also note the relevance module requirements)

Proxy servers

Apache HTTP Server 2.4

Relevance Module: additional software requirements

Elasticsearch 5.5

Additional database:

MySQL 5.6 (until EOL Feb 2018), 5.7

Amazon RDS (using MySQL 5.7 or Oracle RDS 12c)

Oracle 12

PostgreSQL 9.5

LDAP Directories


Microsoft Active Directory


We try to support newer versions as soon as possible (we don’t support Beta versions). If the supported stack changes, we will update this page. Customers will get a notification by email.

Client Software Prerequisites

The Hippo CMS and BloomReach Experience user interface is fully web-based and requires no prerequisites to be installed. As such, the products are expected to run in any standard browser environment. BloomReach cannot guarantee browser plug-ins, tools, or any kind of modifications to the browser to work with Hippo CMS or BloomReach Experience.

Operating Systems3

Microsoft Windows 8.1 and 10

Apple Mac OS X 10.1/10.12 and higher

Ubuntu 14.4 and higher


Google Chrome: latest stable version supported

Mozilla Firefox: latest stable version supported

Apple Safari: latest stable version supported (Mac OS X only)

Edge latest stable version supported (on W10 and higher)


The system requires cookies to be activated for the domain it runs in.

Browser support for the website is determined by the website implementation.

The CMS will look best when used with a screen resolution of 1280 x 720 or higher.


1 Running the 64 bit version of the OS, on x64 bit Intel (or compatible) processor.

2 Please note that from the next minor release (V12.1) support on Windows Server 2008 R2 will end.

3 Note: whilst a number of BloomReach customers run the CMS User Interface through Citrix solutions, BloomReach does not support Citrix environments via the regular support agreement. Customers looking to employ Citrix are advised to bring this to the attention of BloomReach support or their respective account managers for further investigation.

4 Note: In case of a Beta release, only Chrome (latest version) is supported. For GA and succeeding release, the other browsers mentioned are supported as well.