Users and Roles 

When you want to work in Hippo CMS, you need to login as a certain user. Your CMS administrator can setup a user account for you and assign certain privileges to you. These privileges are known as roles. Make sure you know which role you are allowed to play in the CMS. The following roles exist in Hippo CMS:

  • Author: As an author, you can create and edit documents in the CMS. When your changes are ready to be published on the website, they have to be approved by an editor.
  • Editor: As an editor, you can do everything an author can, but you can also publish (and de-publish) documents on the website, and approve or disapprove authors' requests for publication.
  • Administrator: As an administrator, you can do everything an editor can do, but you can also edit the layout of page templates, influencing the appearance of the website. Administrators also manage user accounts, roles and other system configuration.