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Content Model Concepts

Document Type

A document type defines the data structure and the editing template of a class of documents. A document type can contain both primitive and compound type fields.

Compound Type

A compound type defines the data structure and the editing template of a reusable block of document fields. A compound type can contain both primitive and compound type fields. An instance of a compound type can only exist within a document instance. 

Image Set Type

An image set is a special document type used to store different size variants of an image.

Content Type

Content type is a generic term indicating a definition of a class of content items. Document types, compound types and image set types are all content types.


A namespace groups a number of content types in order to prevent name collisions in case of duplicate content type names.


A prototype is a template from which any new instance of a content type is created.

Editing Plugin

An editing plugin is a user interface widget through which a single content type field can be edited.

Editing Template

An editing template is a particular configuration of editing plugins that is used by authors to edit content items of a particular content type.


Nodes form the structure of the content repository. A node can have zero or more child nodes. The structure of the content repository is a tree of nodes.


property is a piece of content stored inside a node. A property has a primitive type such as String or Double.

Document Variant

A document variant is a node that represents a document in a particular workflow state such as draft, unpublished or published. Different document variants can exist at the same time.

Document Handle

A document handle is an umbrella node that represents a content item and contains all variants of that document as its child nodes.