What is Hippo CMS?

Hippo CMS is a Java-based open content management platform for creating personalized experiences across all channels. Hippo’s modular architecture and support for open standards make it the ideal solution for agile development and open integration.

Blog Spotlight: A Bird's Eye Hippo CMS Architectural View Part 1: 10,000 foot view

Ard Schrijvers about Hippo's architecture:

"This series of blogs will be a representation on my view of our stack"

Read it here!

Blog Spotlight: Improved search for Hippo CMS websites using ElasticSearch

Trifork's Jettro Coenradie on using Elasticsearch to improve search:

"I'll discuss the requirements for creating (near) real time search using Hippo workflow events"

Read it here!

Blog Spotlight: Measuring Hippo CMS Fast Date Range Queries

Ard Schrijvers about the fast date ranges

"Note that the fast Hippo Date Range Queries use a negligible amount of memory!"

Read it here!

April Blog Spotlight: The False Premise of Open Source Vs. Proprietary

Jeroen Verberg provides you with some insight on the ongoing Open vs. Closed source debate

"Telling a business user that one solution is better because it’s not “proprietary” is like telling a patient that one surgeon is better than another because one gives you the freedom to operate on yourself."

March Blog Spotlight: Reproducible and falsifiable performance tests with Hippo CMS

Ard Schrijvers about the measurable improvements in Hippo performance

"I have always been obsessed with performance, and whenever we were asked to add a feature that could not ever perform, we did not add it to the delivery tier."

All in the open, verifiable, falsifiable

February Blog Spotlight: Hippo Fridays @ Hippo

Jeroen Reijn

Jeroen Reijn blogs about the Hippo corporate culture:

"Hippo Fridays are monthly Fridays on which all Hippo developers can share knowledge, try out new things, work on improvements or hack on their own pet project"

Want to see what's brewing? Read on ..

January Blog Spotlight: Ard Schrijvers on how CMS 7.8 nailed down authorization combined with searches

"A small extra step in our Hippo Repository, a major leap on authorization combined with searches"

Read more in Ard's blogpost how authorized searches in CMS 7.8 improve performance

January Blog Spotlight: Woonsan Ko on node.js as a Reverse Proxy

Woonsan has clearly discovered node.js .. In his own words:

"Node.js is great! You can test your Hippo CMS 7 project with full-featured Reverse Proxy Server on your local development machine SO EASILY!"

Curious? Read on at Woonsan's blog

November Blog Spotlight: Jeroen Reijn on WebJars

Jeroen Reijn

In most Java projects a dependency management system is used like Maven, Ivy or Gradle. Having dependency management setup for server-side dependencies is quite natural, but what about client-side dependencies? This is where WebJars can help out...

Read more in Jeroen's blogpost

October Blog Spotlight: Jasha Joachimsthal on Phonegap, Widgets, Rave and Hippo

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting the Dutch Apache Meetup over here at the Hippo headquarters in Amsterdam. Jasha Joachimsthal - a Hippo old timer now working for Dutch identity management startup Innovation District - showed off his Hybrid App skills when he deployed a W3C Widget that pulls content from Hippo Go Green over REST onto an Apache Rave portal... After which he wrapped it into an Apache Cordova hybrid app and deployed it onto his Android phone... Yup, that's one big bag bang of mobile buzz words. Curious? Read his blogpost to find out more!

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