Link directly to a document in the CMS from external system



Create a shareable direct link to a document in the CMS.


Sometimes it's usefull to be able to create a direct link to a document in the CMS and share this link through e.g. e-mail. Anyone with access to the CMS can then simply click the link to load the CMS application and open the document.

Link to a Path

You can use the path request parameter in the CMS URL to directly link to a document in Hippo CMS. Its value represents the absolute JCR path to the document. To determine the URL, navigate to the document in the CMS, and copy the URL from the browser's address field.


Link to a UUID

It is also possible to user the uuid request parameter to link to a document using its universally unique identifier (UUID). To determine a document's UUID, navigate to the document in the CMS Console, and note the value of its property jcr:uuid. Then add a request parameter uuid to the CMS URL as in the example below.


CMS Console

Both the path and uuid request parameters are also accepted by the CMS Console.


The CMS Console for our online demo is not publicly available. Above URLs are only provided as examples.