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Implement Hippo


This sections covers website development with Hippo CMS. Hippo includes a state-of-the-art delivery tier (commonly referred to as HST or Hippo Site Toolkit) optimized to build content-driven personalized websites that are scalable and performant. The delivery tier provides flexibility by offering easy setup through tools, Spring bean wiring, and a library of out-of-the-box features, as well as easy in production changes manageable via the Channel Manager.

Where to start?

For a hands-on introduction to website development with Hippo, following the trails is highly recommended:

To set up your development environment see:

The best way to start developing a website with Hippo is to use the setup application and use or extend standard components:

To learn the ins and outs of Hippo's delivery tier, start with:

Once your website is in production you will need to know how to handle changes introduced by subsequent releases:

If you rather develop your website using a different technology or framework, or want to retrofit an existing website with Hippo CMS, take a look at Hippo's support for RESTful services: