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Hippo CMS Plugins

Hippo CMS has a pluggable architecture and many additional features are available as plugins. Hippo CMS provides three levels of support for plugins:

A default or standard plugin meets BloomReach quality standards, is properly documented, and is tested against each new Hippo CMS release and updated if necessary.

Hippo CMS Default Plugins

Default plugins are developed and supported by BloomReach, and they are already included in the Maven archetype used to start Hippo CMS projects and no additional installation steps through the  setup application are required.

Hippo CMS Standard Plugins in the Essentials Setup Application/Feature Library

Standard plugins are developed and supported by BloomReacg and can be added to your project from the feature library in the Essentials setup application.

Community Plugins at Hippo Forge

Community plugins are maintained by the Hippo CMS community. It is up to the community to make sure the plugins meet quality standards, are properly documented, and are tested against each new Hippo CMS release.  

The Hippo Forge resides at Github with its own documentation site, that has a full project list.

The following community plugins are frequently used in Hippo CMS projects (alphabetically ordered):