BloomReach develops features for customers that have a BloomReach Experience Subscription. Below you find the roadmap for the coming year. The list of features is not exhaustive.

This roadmap represents our current thinking and changes may occur as priorities shift.


H1 2017

  • Workflow: the first iteration of our improved workflow architecture.

  • Visual editing: direct editing of content in the channel manager.

  • DTAP: Improved bootstrapping.


>H1 2017

  • Workflow extensions: support more workflow use cases.

  • DTAP: move, merge and extract projects, configuration and data separately.

  • Commerce components: Bridge content and commerce spaces.

  • Intelligent: Introduce AI in the CMS space

  • Open: an extendible, open architecture and marketplace for third parties.


Contact us at if you have questions about our roadmap.

Note that this list does not include the monthly maintenance updates for our supported releases. For these updates, follow the mailing list or check the release notes overview.