FCS and GA Releases 

FCS - First Customer Shipment

Primary purpose: evaluate the release in production environments to further harden the release with selected customers.

Selected customers can start a new project or upgrade an existing project to the new release. Typically, Hippo is very closely involved in these projects. For these selected customers, the FCS release is supported to be used in production environments. The FCS release has no known Blocker issues.

Other characteristics of the FCS release:

  • The FCS release is functionally and technically complete
  • All tests are done (performance, scalability, regression and new functionality)
  • Standard Plugins are upgraded and tested
  • Documentation is complete
  • Upgrade documentation and tooling are not yet available
  • English and Dutch UI translations are present, French and German become available with the GA release
  • Initial estimates for server requirements including processor, memory and storage are indicated

If you're interested in using the FCS release for your project, please contact Hippo Support.

GA - General Availability

Primary purpose: all projects can use this release in production.

The major improvements of the GA release over the FCS release:

  • Stability, e.g. bug fixes - the GA release has no known Blocker or Top issues
  • Upgrade documentation and tooling are made available to customers that have a Hippo DX subscription
  • Translations for German and French are available
  • Support for containers other than Tomcat, e.g. Oracle Weblogic (Enterprise subscription required)
  • Full and specific server requirements including processor, memory and storage are published

The GA release is fully backward compatible with the FCS release. The amount of time between releases is typically two to three months.