This article covers a Hippo CMS version 7.7. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Hippo CMIS Client Add-on 

Currently this add-on depends on Repository 2.18.02-SNAPSHOT and CMS 2.18.03-SNAPSHOT. You will have to check out and build these to be able to build the plugin and the demo. The CMS project to which you add the add-on also needs to use these versions for the add-on to work.

This add-on adds some basic CMIS client functionality to Hippo CMS 7.5. It allows users to add links to CMIS resources to their documents.

Forge project:

If your intrested in the CMIS integration, please also have a look at the CMIS replication mechanisme:

Building the plugin

SVN location:

svn co hippo-cmis-client-addon
cd hippo-cmis-client-addon
mvn install

Running the demo

SVN location:

svn co hippo-cmis-client-demo
cd hippo-cmis-client-demo
mvn install
cd cms
mvn jetty:run-war

The CMS will be available at http://localhost:8081/cms/ (Note the port is 8081 instead of the default 8080!)

Maven Dependencies

Add the following dependencies to your CMS 7.5 pom.xml:



Rebuild your CMS.

CMIS Configuration

The plugin adds a CMIS service at /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/cms/cms-services/cmis.service.

Configure the connection to your CMIS service by setting the following four properties:

  • cmis.url

  • cmis.repository

  • cmis.user

  • cmis.password

So far the add-on has only been tested with a local installation of Alfresco Community v3.4.0 as the CMIS server.

Obtaining a CMIS Document ID

In Alfresco, browse to the document you want to link to, open its details page, right click on "Alfresco Node Reference", and copy the URL to the clipboard:

An example Alfresco Node Reference is workspace://SpacesStore/1e7b3ad8-cc10-4c1e-a15c-8c6dc4331e25.



To use the CmisLinkFieldPlugin in a document template, set the hipposysedit:type property on the hipposysedit:nodetype node to CmisLink. The rest of the field configuration is exactly the same as a String field.

The demo comes with a sample document template "cmistest" that includes a CmisLink field.

Adding a CMIS Link

In the document editor, paste an Alfresco node reference into the CmisLink field, and click Save & Close. In preview mode the field will show an external link to the Alfresco document.



The add-on modifies the rich text field configuration and adds the CmisLinkPlugin for Xinha. You don't have to configure anything else.

Adding a CMIS Link

Select some text in the rich text field. Click on the CMIS Link icon.

In the pop-up that appears, paste the Alfresco node reference.

Save & close the document. In preview mode the link will be resolved and if you click on it, the document in Alfresco will open.