This article covers a Hippo CMS version 7.7. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Channel Manager troubleshooting 


This page describes common problems with the Channel Manager and how to solve them:

Template Composer says "Unable to change to composermode. Please check if the site is online."

  1. Check whether the site works by accessing it directly

  2. Check whether the hst:cmslocation is configured correctly. Something like:

    - hst:cmslocation = http://localhost:8080/cms


    - hst:cmslocation = 
  3. If hippo-cms.log contains the following message:

    [INFO] ChannelStore - Cannot load the channel manager. No channels will be shown.
    Check whether the shared libraries hst-api and hst-commons are available in Tomcat's shared/lib folder.

Channel cannot be previewed in a new window

When the 'Preview' link behind the channel name in the channel overview does not work:

  1. If you are accessing the site without portnumber, make sure that from your /hst:hst/hst:hosts/_your_hostgroup_ you remove the property hst:defaultport

  2. On /hst:hst/hst:hosts you are missing the property hst:defaultcontextpath. This property must be present and have the value of the contextpath, including the starting /. The default value is /site:

    - hst:defaultcontextpath = /site

URLs in the channel manager overview contain the wrong hosts

When the channel manager overview shows URLs with hosts from the wrong environment, for example localhost where you'd expect

  1. Make sure that on /hst:hst/hst:hosts the property hst:channelmanagerhostgroup contains the nodename of the correct environment, for example:

    - hst:channelmanagerhostgroup = acct-env

'View document in channel' menu does not work

You cannot view a document in a channel, and whenever you edit a document something like the following error in logged:

Caused by: ConnectException invoking http://127.0
.0.1:8080/site/_cmsrest/documents/c23ac389-ceda-4117-be37-e063c2f9e405/channels/: Connection refused

Most likely you are running the application on a different port than the default 8080. You must then change the hstRestProxyService configuration at /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/cms/cms-services/hstRestProxyService, and change the port number (e.g. to 9080):

- rest.uri ='

Preview of channels in the CMS and in a separate window does not work behind Apache web server

Make sure that VirtualHost configuration for the cms also contains a extra PROXYPASS for /site/

<VirtualHost *:80>

  ProxyPreserveHost Off

  ProxyPass /site/
  ProxyPass /
  ProxyPassReverse /
  ProxyPassReverseCookiePath /cms /

'URL and Navigation Management' screen is completely blank

This can happen with channel manager 2.22.01 and earlier. Make sure you have the following dependencies in the pom.xml of your 'cms' module:



These dependencies are no longer needed with channel manager 2.22.02 and higher.

Unable to find package resource nl.png

If you get a warning like this in the log files:

WARN [org.apache.wicket.markup.html.PackageResource.getResourceStream():594] Unable to find package resource [path = org/onehippo/cms7/channelmanager/channels/nl.png, style = null, locale = null]  

make sure the hst:locale in the accessed mount is a proper Java locale like nl_NL